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Pikewood Energy actively seeks to purchase mineral interests throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. We work with mineral and royalty owners who want to sell a portion or all of their oil and natural gas interests for cash for a premium price.

Pikewood Energy will assist you in wading through all the questions regarding the selling of mineral rights, royalty types, the acquisition process, and any other question that may arise. Throughout this whole process, Pikewood Energy takes great pride in developing relationships with landowners and treating them fairly. If we can’t buy it, it can’t be bought. It’s that simple.

We Provide the Following

  • Abstracting

  • Deed preparation

  • Conveyance fees

  • Closing costs and process

  • Certified business checks - money guaranteed

  • Services at no charge


At Pikewood Energy we make selling your mineral rights a straightforward and painless process. Here is how it works:

Initial Assessment

We listen to you to understand your property, answer questions, and discuss purchasing options.

Due Diligence

We review the details gleaned from the assessment to determine whether the property meets our buying criteria.

Offer & Acceptance

We are the ones actually purchasing your mineral rights so our offer will be cash based and can be finalized quickly if accepted.


Once an agreement is met we close at a location most convenient for you. Sellers can come to our office or we are happy to come to you.

You have questions. We have answers.

Why sell your mineral rights to Pikewood Energy?

Local company helping local owners. We like dealing face-to-face. If you can’t come to us, we will come see you. We care about your rights and honor the opportunity to do business with you. We deduct NO fees and pay premium prices.

Can I sell only a percentage of my mineral rights?

Yes. Selling a percentage is actually a very wise financial decision. It de-risks you from future decreasing mineral value and hedges you against less-than-expected royalty payments. Buying a percentage of your rights is a model we recommend. Call today and we can explain more in depth!

How are mineral rights priced?

Prices per acre are functions of current day commodity prices and future speculation. We calculate potential three to five-year cash flows from well production and base our offers on those numbers. We also monitor competitor pricing to adjust our prices accordingly.

Can I sell my rights if they are currently leased?

Yes. Most folks lease their rights then sell. When you lease, you retain ownership. We can buy your ownership out and then we will be subject to the lease you executed. It’s that simple.


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